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steinmb's tweets

I'm at Vangen Café https://t.co/9boYgLMK1m1 uke 1 dag siden
Big thanks to for sponsoring the webcast - Profiling PHP7 Applications. 1 uke 4 dager siden
I'm at Henrik Øl- & Vinstove in Bergen, Hordaland https://t.co/rGYoYiBJth1 uke 5 dager siden
It is something satisfying about having a beer while watching cars stuck in traffic (@ Apollon in Bergen) https://t.co/0sJW1uch7v1 uke 5 dager siden
Hundred 100% it fails every time, airport — 2 uker 3 dager siden
And this awaits me tomorrow - https://t.co/f7Yo7q07t62 uker 3 dager siden
Bonus points to Spar in Vienna to offer “bringen’s” service with electric cargo bikes https://t.co/q8inmRo8Pl2 uker 3 dager siden
RT : 👉 Check out the video we wanted to show you during our session "Debugging the Gender Gap" https://t.co/zIhaEOwO1D2 uker 3 dager siden
Thank you. I'll have a read and then I need to think — 2 uker 4 dager siden
Great talk by on PHPUnit testing, by the man him self. Hint, there is a 25% discount on his books this week — 2 uker 4 dager siden