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https://t.co/7FC7pPZ1Lx2 dager 14 timer siden
Friday and time for some music from the land of the vikings - https://t.co/0b4z9GpVVw New video by - Bronsegud 1 uke 2 dager siden
Do you know how and where dragons are born? https://t.co/hqsDjf73tD Now you know. 1 uke 4 dager siden
Living on a hillside, our electric bike have revolutionized how we move stuff. https://t.co/J48vKMHd8x2 uker 1 dag siden
RT : Congratulations to Norway for moving aggressively to electric and hybrid cars. We have much to learn from them. https://t.co/qI2BYTxYIv2 uker 3 dager siden
RT : (How) does your city take care of cyclists during road works? Amsterdam sets new standard! https://t.co/EVzKO8WbXK2 uker 3 dager siden
RT : ‘Shell knew’: oil giant's 1991 film warned of climate change danger https://t.co/xFWntI5sDb3 uker 3 dager siden
And – fits nicely with the leaked information that Exxon also new back in late 1970's - https://t.co/0QcU8mdjT9 3 uker 3 dager siden
RT : New office from today at Bryggen Bergen https://t.co/Qs7cglgLDy3 uker 4 dager siden
RT : Amazon Deforestation, Once Tamed, Comes Roaring Back https://t.co/TlWLPZD4uB3 uker 5 dager siden