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steinmb's tweets

RT : If you are still managing Drupal 6 sites, don’t forget to patch them! https://t.co/oFV4H4TZ3l17 timer 53 min siden
Spring in Aberdeen and the city have put up these lovely ashtrays. Decorated with flowers and everything. https://t.co/4PNLpVvp451 uke 3 dager siden
Thank you and the companies sponsoring, and for holding last nights PHP meetup. I m… https://t.co/229SvjziL52 uker 20 timer siden
And while Mr. Zuckerberg try to explain him self: https://t.co/M4BeHcR3os I deleted my Facebook account. I will not… https://t.co/EYMRe4lScT2 uker 21 timer siden
RT : Dette er jaggu eit bra stykke arbeid fra så mange frivillige over heile landet! https://t.co/xpZjTl3KXZ2 uker 1 dag siden
Why try to build a Skynet. We all know how it will pan out - https://t.co/Ry7zbaqnvm 3 uker 3 timer siden
Correction, Spring is cancelled. Step over spring, step into summer. — 3 uker 1 dag siden
Huge improvements to the REST API in just got committed. https://t.co/D6zhLxsIiz it allow creation of file entities… https://t.co/Ga689hsgBG3 uker 1 dag siden
What about this one? My GF use this patent https://t.co/eaNcLvo6jz3 uker 4 dager siden
Happy Easter https://t.co/h7CIBgRT0r3 uker 4 dager siden