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RT : Taking the to the next level! https://t.co/tXNacMmSoq5 dager 1 time siden
https://t.co/nHkeWQLpts2 uker 2 dager siden
RT : – Det blir en knallbra forskergruppe her hos oss framover, sier professor i digital kultur, : https://t.co/CNflX2iMZY2 uker 2 dager siden
Attendig dissertation - poetry and code working together setInterval() https://t.co/wp16DUn3W1 https://t.co/tOXw10ZCEv2 uker 2 dager siden
Quite a turn out last night at our meetup. Lots of new faces, more then 50% of them women. I felt really pr… https://t.co/LF14rJ4Hq92 uker 2 dager siden
Fantastic job by the people working with the API-First initiative https://t.co/DOyteHya19 100% test coverag… https://t.co/pNojXuhvUE2 uker 2 dager siden
Enjoing Haggis in @ Burns Supper - getting ready for the temorary move to Glasgow https://t.co/FD5Okky0GR3 uker 1 dag siden
ping! — 3 uker 1 dag siden
RT : Next week, defends his PhD on kinetic poetry here at , and the dissertation is already availabl… https://t.co/QCxg4P3Ggl3 uker 2 dager siden
RT : Serieux ??!! Tout ça pour du Nutella ?! 😮 https://t.co/UoNTmK78eE3 uker 2 dager siden